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Chad is located in the region of the Sahel in Africa.
Every year, from June to October, Chad faces the Hunger Gap (when the food runs out and the crops are not ripe for harvest).
Also because it overlaps with the rainy season, people are vulnerable to various waterborne diseases.

There are many children under 5 who are starving to death during this Hunger Gap season.
Throughout the visit, South Korean actress Choo Jahyun was able to see their struggles and empathize with them.

Here is her story.

On her first visit to a small village, she met a child who is suffering with hydrocephalus.
Because of his condition it was hard for him to walk by himself, so most of the time he would just be on his bed.
Even though his parent took him to a hospital, there was nothing that the doctor could do to help him.

While her stay at Chad, she visited a small village called Vandhimi that ran out of food in May.
Since then people have been making porridge using hayseed and that is all that they have been eating.
She met a boy named Allie who could not walk by himself because of mal-nutritious.
Even though his grandmother took him to a hospital, there was nothing that they could do to help Allie…

She met a girl named Kallu who was sitting by her mother all day because of a little scar on her foot.
Kallu got a small scar when she was playing in a small pool with her friends.
But because it was not treated right away, the scar never got better.
All Kallu needed was little bit of anti-biotic and some ointment.

If you want to help children like Kallu, please click on below.


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