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A Glimpse of Hope was found in the Voyage to Africa
This past April, Shin Hye Sun, Korean actress, visited Cameroon, Africa with Good Neighbors. Many children in Cameroon suffer from poverty and illness. She tells us her encounter with the children of Cameroon and what she did to help and comfort them.

Africa felt like an unfamiliar and foreign land ...

I’ve only encountered Africa through television, but I always remembered how people in Africa consistently fought for their lives. I hoped to visit one day and finally had an opportunity after praying about it continually. Cameroon is a tiny country located in Africa. It took one full day of driving to get to Cameroon, but I was so excited thinking about the people I would meet and how I could possibly help them.

Many children suffer from unclean water...

I visited a small village about 100 km from the capital of Cameroon. There were lots of trees and fresh air in the area but the water was unclean due to wastes. The children and neighbors suffered from different diseases because of the water. Rodrick was a 13 year-old boy who was suffering from buruli ulcer, a rare infectious disease. It had only been 3 months since he’s had the disease but the infection had already spread to ulcers on his left hand.


Rodrick visited a local clinic with me and they sanitized his hand with alcohol. It was a painful process but Rodrick was very strong throughout the entire time.


During my stay at the village, I was able to witness many others suffering from similar diseases. Many of them were unable to seek treatment because of their financial circumstances. There was also a lack of facilities and treatments.


I hope that the people in this region will receive treatment as soon as possible. I also hope that through the love and help of others, we can make the children’s dreams come true.


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