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Actor, Jang. Goes on His Second Volunteer Trip


Korean Actor, Hyun Sung Jang, Goes on His Second Volunteer Trip to Africa
This past month, Korean Actor, Hyun Sung Jang, visited Niger with Good Neighbors. Hyun Sung Jang participated in various volunteer activities since he was appointed to be Good Neighbors Ambassador.

In Grasp of Drought, Niger Faces Hunger Crisis

Children on the road to transport clean water.
Niger is a drought-plagued land, and Niger suffers from contaminated undrinkable water. This left many villages to ruin because villagers abandoned this village to seek for a better environment. These dirty waters promote disease and lead to many of Niger’s infant and child deaths.
It was a challenge for children to raise water from the well and have no other choice but to drink this muddy water. The situation was that children must use this dirty water to cook and wash. Many children were sick with skin disease due to using contaminated water. Hyun Sung Jang and Good Neighbors recognized the necessity of clean water for these children.

Hyun Sung Jang raising a bucket of water from the hand-dug water well to inspect the water quality.

“This is muddy water. The water that cannot be used anywhere in our countries.”
-Hyun Sung Jang-

Children Suffering from Malnutrition
Although she is about the size as 3 years old brother, Rhianna is taking care of him.
Our team and Hyun Sung met a little girl named Rhianna. Even though Rihanna is 7, she is about size as 3 years old brother due to malnutrition. This malnutrition led to bone and fracture disorder on Rihanna. Despite her illness, she must cook and do house chores to take care of his younger brother.

Hyun Sung Jang worries about the Festaini’s health.
We met another child named Festaini. He suffers from malnutrition due to severe feminine in Niger. Festaini couldn’t afford to get treatment due to poverty. Hyun Sung Jang decided to support Festaini to get his treatment after hearing this.
“The child’s hand was size about the very small leaf. The only meal that he could have was his mother’s breast milk, but mom was suffering from malnutrition as well. It was a devastating sight to an eyewitness.”
-Hyun Sung Jang-

Head of the House as a Child

A brother is eating a porridge made by Aziz.
The third child we met is named Aziz. He takes care of his younger brothers. He dreams about building a water pump for his village to use. The situation was desperate, but Aziz still hopes for a miracle for his family and the village.

The last child we met is a girl named Samira. One of her worst memory was when she could not eat any foods for three days due to famine. Hyun Sung was surprised to how 11 years old Samira’s hand was so hard by the child labor.

Hyun Sung Jang comforts Samira as he holds her hand.
“It was heartbreaking to see how Samira works so hard to take care of her sick grandmother and brother.”

Delivering Stories through MBC Giving Hope

We are delivering the desperate situations of Niger through MBC broadcast called MBC Giving Hope. Hyun Sung and Good Neighbors hope to make people know about these children’s situation. There are many children who are in a similar situation in Niger today. Your support will allow them to hope for a better future and dream like any other children.

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