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2019 Annual Report

We Are Deeply Grateful for Your Generous Supports


[Community Development Projects]

With your support in 2019, Good Neighbors organized cooperatives to build a voluntary basis for self-reliance within the community and

assisted projects by managing social enterprises that serve to provide jobs and social services.

A good change in the Dominican Republic through Our Community Development Projects 

“We have a stable income!”

[Education and Protection]
Good Neighbors supports the quality and accessibility of education for children around the world by providing them educational facilities, materials, tuition fees, and stationeries as well as capacity-building training programs for the teachers.


Teaching Training and Program Support

“We study and play as much as I can in kindergarten.”

[Health Project]
Good Neighbors implemented health projects that strengthen disease prevention and management and nutrition support, improve health worker training, and enhance the capacity of community health workers to ensure healthier lives for children and members of the community.

Good Changes in Niger through our Health Project
Niger villagers who had to walk about 20 kilometers to receive medical treatment despite the extreme heatwave of 45 degrees Celsius. Good Neighbors opened health centers in Niger’s Kunubang district and Pataboki in June to help four villagers, including mothers and newborns, receive medical care in a safe facility. 

[Water and Sanitation] 
Good Neighbors protect children and the community from contagious disease by ensuring access to clean and safe water and sanitary environment.


Good Change in Cambodia through the Good Water Project

"Keep healthy with clean water and a pleasant toilet!"

Cambodia has high levels of arsenic in underground water, so only 12.3 percent of 86 schools in four regions, including the Battambang region, have access to safe drinking water. Washing water and toilets are not enough. Good Neighbors installed solar water pumps in schools for students suffering from water, provided clean water, set up toilets and washbasins to create a sanitary environment and provide regular hygiene education.

[Humanitarian Assistance]
Good Neighbors provides emergency relief to our neighbors around the world who have lost their homes to floods, droughts, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, and supports the restoration of their community through rebuilding projects.


Malawi/Mozambique Emergency Relief Activity in Cyclone Damaged Areas

“We found hope to return to my normal life!”

In March 2019, a large cyclone that covered Malawi and Mozambique in southern Africa caused more than 140,000 people in Mozambique and 120,000 in Malawi. Good Neighbors assisted 250,000 dollars as an emergency relief fund to hundreds of thousands of victims. We expressed our hope to the victims by setting up emergency shelters, distributing emergency relief kits, and conducting hygiene education.

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