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Good Water Project

4 Hours The time it takes to get water

Children trade education for work and dreams
with time to collect water every single day.
Your 4 hours of earning may let them dream again.

Good Water Project

Can I dream for a miracle?
A day that I won’t have to walk
for four hours to collect water?

Hello. My name is Mamad.

Every morning, I walk 4 hours to collect water.
Honestly, I want to study and play soccer like the others, but if I don’t make the effort to collect water my family and I won’t have any water to drink all day.
Not long ago, my younger sister was sent to the hospital because she was sick, and the doctor said that if she keeps drinking contaminated water, she could get worse.

I am so afraid.

If there were clean water near my house or school,
we would not get sick and would be able to play soccer as much as we want, right?
However, when I wake up tomorrow, I am back on the road to collect water again.

I am hoping for a miracle, that one day I won’t have to walk so far just to drink water.

Death of children caused
by contaminated water


Children still in need
of clean water

570million children

Average distance walked
to collect water

6Km    daily

Walking ...



African children trade in 4 hours of their lives each day to collect water, giving up education, livelihood, and hope.

Would you spare your 4 hours to give these children a chance to dream?

Join us by giving 4 hours of your time together with the ‘Good Water Project’

This is how the ‘Good Water Project’ changes everything for children:

Water Facility

We can drink

clean water at school.
If water facilities are installed in schools and communities, people can have access to clean and safe water.

Water Tank

We do not have to spend hours getting water anymore because the water tank is accessible.
Increasing access to clean water allows children stay in school and dream for their future.


We can go to school during the menstruation period.
Clean and safe toilets allow girls to attend school during menstruation without worry.

Sanitation Kit

Washing our hands before
we eat will keep us healthy.
The provision of sanitary kits and hygiene education protects children from the dangers of disease.

With ‘2019 Good Water Project’ you can spend
your 4 hours in giving 2,323 children from 4 schools
in 4 African countries a better life.

Kalilwe Primary School in Zambia / Apapa Primary School in Uganda
Oura Tondi Madersa in Niger / Biskavaï Primary School in Cameroon


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