Health and Hygiene Campaign

Lopez enduring today

10-year-old Lopez takes care of his four younger
siblings in place of his sick parents.

In order to find something to eat,
he needs to go out on the road today.


Lopez afraid of the morning

Hunger hits as soon as he opens his eyes...

His friends all go to school every morning.
That would be a dream come true for Lopez.

Enduring the familiarity of hunger, Lopez starts
the day worrying about what to fill his stomach
with today.

*811 million people/children worldwide
go to bed hungry every night (WFP, 2021).

Eating 3 fishes in
two days

Lopez's only way to get food is to fish in the river
after a long walk.

The family shares 3 palm-sized fishes that they
caught waiting all day.

On days when Lopez couldn't catch any,
he sootheshis hugry stomach with water
from the well.

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“I'm afraid something
might happen to my brother.”

Lopez's youngest brother is getting thinner from

He is always anxious that he might collapse
suddenly, however, not being able to do much,
the only thing he can do is hug his brother tightly.

Lopez's house only has a roof with no walls.

Even on a rainy day, it feels as if the roof
will collapse at any moment.

When scary beasts pass by, he trembles
in fear that they might suddenly attack.

Through the cold and hungry nights, Lopez
once again endures through the day.

Please help become their strength so that
today's hunger doesn't become tomorrow's fear.

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The donations that are sent are used to provide food to children in 190 workplaces in 38 countries,
including Lopez's family, and to treat children whose health deteriorates due to malnutrition.

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