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The global average of adolescent literacy is 91%, but the literacy levels for West Africa and Central Africa often drop below 50%. In contrast to the global average of the primary school dropout rate of 9%, these regions reach 32% depriving a great number of the children in the region of their right to education.1) Good Neighbors has undertaken the Hope School project since 2009 to improve the educational environment of Africa. In 2017, Good Neighbors completed the 100th Hope School at Zanzibar, Tanzania. In addition to the construction of Hope Schools, Good Neighbors has also supported various educational programs that focus on children’s rights, career choices, and citizenship. The students of the Hope Schools are offered opportunities to choose their own life and career goals, and to develop themselves into responsible members of the community beyond their education.


"The students have shown dramatic improvement in performance here at Hope School. In 2014, we had been ranked 63rd out of 114 schools based on the results of the annual national test. But, in 2015, when Hope School opened and our students transferred to Hope School, their ranking was up to 52nd. Instead of turning to candle lights in a dark room, the students can read at night in a bright classroom thanks to the photovoltaic power system. The library with over 3,000 books allows them to read as much as they want."
Maliwatu(30), teacher from Hope School in Tanzania

     [Good Neighbors's 100th Hope School Project in Africa]

Please build a hope school in Africa!

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