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Story of Agnes and School Environment Project


The warm hearts of the sponsors were delivered to Agnes. How did Agnes’ life change?
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The story of six-year-old Agnes who wants to protect his father, “Dad, I will always protect you.”

[A Good and Happy Change for Agnes]

| Agnes is finally able to attend school!

Agnes used to do housework all day long because her father works at the quarry, and now she can go to school and fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse! Agnes dreams to become a nurse to fix her dad’s arm.

| Agnes can spend a lot of time with her dad!

Agnes’ father had an accident during working in a quarry and had his arm amputated. It was a difficult situation to keep working, but he had to continue for Agnes.
Good Neighbors set up farmland near her home, so she no longer has to do dangerous works at the quarry, and spend more time with Agnes.

We live happy and safe in a new house!

Agnes’s family was forced to live in a poor house made of soil and wood because of her family’s financial situation. With your support, Good Neighbors built a strong brick house. From now on, Agnes will be able to stay happy with her family eating nutritious foods in her new house.

[Nicaragua Santa Teresa CDP Improvement of School Environment Project,
Improving the La Chota Rural Primary School]

Around the world, many children are denied from access to a quality education. We are grateful for your support in improving the community and school environment for children in Nicaragua community. You are helping to make a good change for the world.
In 2019, Good Neighbors successfully finished a community development project for the existing school that had deteriorating educational and sanitary facilities. This project helped the beneficiaries of 226 people in the Chota Community.

Children are happily studying in safe classrooms!

Working through evaluation of need and realization scopes on children attending La Chota school, we made a significant improvement to ensure the environment for better education and a safe place for the community to use. Overall, Good Neighbors installed a new rehabilitation of 2 classrooms and perimeter area of preschool and constructed a new sanitary battery. Good Neighbors also supported a new installation of the recreation area in the preschool area.

Children are happily studying in safe classrooms!

|Thank you, sponsors. Thank you, Good Neighbors!

“Dear Good Neighbors’ sponsors, I am Gilda Carolina Bravo Chavez, La Chota School’s teacher.
Before the project began, the kindergarten did not have a whiteboard for the students. The classroom had many difficulties in providing a well-developed environment for learning. Also, the restrooms at school were in bad condition. The children were afraid to go to the restroom.
The students had to study on the floor and couldn’t play any attractive games like today.
The improved school environment led to higher school attendance rate. The students are very happy to be motivated to come to school. Students can eat at their tables and practice one of our traditional game, “Ka Rayuela”.
Also, the students are learning how to take care of plants that Good Neighbors planted in our school.
Thank you very much!
God bless you.”

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