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Toilet and Sanitation

A School Without a Restroom




Sanitation through clean toilet is the single most cost-effective public health intervention to reduce child mortality.

One billion of the world’s population still have no choice but to go to the loo in the open. Women especially risk their safety because they do not have access to safe sanitation. Women are often attacked while they are looking in rural areas for places to defecate; their vulnerability is heightened as they wander alone when it is dark, to reserve their privacy and dignity.

Also, about 20 percent of girls in developing countries quit school because of sanitation problems. Among them, only 60 percent of the population in rural Nicaragua has sanitation, 70 percent of the population is in very poor condition, and 40 percent of the families have no sanitation at all.



Good Neighbors Sanitation and Hygiene Project

Since 2017, Good Neighbors has carried out five projects focused on safe hygiene for local schools and families in Santa Teresa and Jinotepe, Nicaragua. So far, 2,294 people, including schools and homes, have come across improved sanitation.

“Help Good Neighbors to provide sanitation and hygiene education and training for the children. Improve the health of children by providing sanitation facilities and hygiene education with Good Neighbors! “


Share a portion of your heart and rekindle new hope for a child.

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“Good change for the world, become a good neighbor today! Every donation, no matter the amount, will put a smile on children’s face!”


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