"The opportunity to dream should be given to all children." - Sponsor Lee Min-jung

Children were heading to farms, quarry and tobacco factories is the only option for families. Even today, the child must give up school for the meal in front of him.

Children's Steps To school, not work

Lee Min-jung's sponsored child, Tshem City, went to school, and dreamed of becoming a police office because of her sponsorship.

I became a first grader. I want to grow up and become a policeman later.

-Tshem City from Cambodia

“It doesn’t cost much money for typhoid vaccination. The kid could’ve been treated…” - Sponsor, Hwang Tae-Sung

You can recover easily with just vaccination and simple initial treatment, but there are no hospitals where you can go or treatment fees, so we are enduring pain without knowing why. * Typhoid is an acute systemic febrile disease with a low mortality rate of around 1% when appropriate treatment is given.

From the Threshold of Death To a Hospital That Can Save Lives

In Nepal, where Taesung Hwang's five sponsored children are living, medical support is provided to protect the health of the children.

“ We are doing our best to help children grow up healthy by providing medical facilities and equipment to the community.” - Good Neighbors Nepal

“The barren environment in which my child lives seemed to be too difficult” - Supporter Jeong Do-Hyung

In a place where drinking water facilities, schools, toilets, and health centers are not even provided, children are living a desperate day today.

From a Place Where One Meal a Day is a Concern To a Village Where Children are Happy.

A water supply facility was built in the village where Jeong Do-hyeong-nim's sponsored children live, so that all local residents, including sponsored children, can drink clean water.

“Roads are being built where I live. Thank you so much for helping me.” - Ascecal Kevede from Ethiopia

“ When I first saw our Kissy, I wanted to give her a piece of my heart" - Sponsor Kim Bo-Kyung

To the sponsor, I put my love in a letter, From Kissy

"I chose the Good Neighbors Child Sponsorship because it seemed to share information transparently."

Q. How does child sponsorship work? The donations you send supports for healthy growth of sponsored children and stable self-reliance of families and local communities through overseas workplaces where children belong. We provide direct support for food, school supplies, tuition, health check-ups, hygiene education, etc. to children and families, as well as indirect support services such as installation of drinking water and sanitation facilities, construction and renovation of school and health centers, and cooperative operation. Q. If I sponsor a child, how can I receive news from the child?When you start sponsoring a marriage relationship, you will receive an Overseas Child Sponsorship Guide and a ‘Child0 Introduction Card' containing photos and information of the child within two weeks.From one year after the start of donation, you can receive news from children twice a year. First, in the first half of the year, you can receive a ‘Growth Report' that allows you to check children's photos, growth information, and support for children and local communities.

“ I want to tell you that it doesn't start for a big reason. It's a small part for me, I think it could be a big part for one child."