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goodwater suppter

Good Water Project Campaign

For the Children
Without Water

Living in a world where even water seems to discriminate,
children die and suffer each day.
We need your help.

The percentage of mortality rate of children
under the age of 5 is decreasing.

93 out of 1,000 death in 1990,
38 out of 1,000 death in 2019,

Still, there are children dying
before the age of five.

14,000 died every day in 2019

Most of whom are born in
Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2019, 53% of children who died are from Sub-Saharan Africa.

(Source: UNICEF, 2020)

Mortality rate of children under the age of 5

From Sub-Saharan Africa,

1 out of 13 children under the age of 5 died from
diarrheal disease.

(Source: UNICEF, 2020)

800 children die everyday from diarrheal disease.

(Source: WHO 2019)

Diarrheal disease that kills children
is caused by contaminated water.

(Source: WHO,2019)

Open defecation, absence of drainage facility,
and unsanitary environment

(Source: UN WATER, 2020)

Death is what awaits
children who don’t have
access to clean water.

Open defecation in the field,
river, and alley are commonly

1 out of 11 people are practicing open
defecation due to the absence of restroom

(Source: UNICEF, 2020)

Contaminated water source, river,
and groundwater due to human waste
left behind after open defacation.

2 billion people in the world is using contaminated water.

(Source: WHO, 2019)

Contaminated Water is
critical to children’s health and it’s
caused by poor sanitary environment.

Diarrheal disease killed 290,000 children under the age of 5.

(Source: WHO, 2019)

Child mortality is still an everyday tragedy for
children who don’t have access to clean water

And we’re counting more deaths from countries
that don’t have enough clean water facilities.

Good Water Projecthelps everyone
who need clean water.

We educate and increase inclusivity
to provide clean environment to prevent
children from waterborne diseases.

We need your help to
save children suffering
from water scarcity.