Shelter Project

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Support the women and
children at our interim shelters
in LA to get through the
Covid-19 Pandemic

According to the 2020 Homeless Count by
LAHSA, there were 20,671 females experiencing

homelessness in
LA County

32.4% are female

59% of newly homeless people cite
economic hardship as main reason.

(Source: LAHSA, 2020 Greater Los Angeles
Homeless Count)

35% of Unsheltered Adults 18+ have a history
of domestic, intimate partner and other sexual violence.

(Source: LAHSA, 2020 Greater Los Angeles
Homeless Count)

울고있는 여아이미지

Good Neighbors
Interim Shelters in LA

Good Neighbors LA Interim Shelters provide
our clients with an opportunity to regain
confidence in rebuilding their individual lives
with a goal of permanent housing and allowing
them to create a personalized savings plan for
long-term independence. Our goal is to support
and empower women to rise up and live

Our Impact



From January to December 2020, Good Neighbors LA
Interim Shelters
successfully enrolled 292 clients,
including women and children.

We provided a connection to emergency income and childcare services
to secure permanent income for housing. We also offered a connection
to assist with restraining order filing for safety and security at the
client's request.

As the world keeps fighting against
COVID-19, our shelters also had to
adjust to the New Normal


    • Strengthened relationship with the


    • Advised clients to establish a
    medical home and offered COVID-19


    • Modified space to accommodate
    school-aged children online learning
    forum and virtual mental health classes
    for adults

Your regular donation will help
women and children at our
shelters in Los Angeles to access:


    • Confidential
    location for women
    and children


    • Vocational training,
    parenting, budgeting, and
    daily skills

울고있는 여아이미지


A single mother of two enrolled in the program
with no stable income and no employment.
The client was connected to multiple job
The Case Manager worked
intensively with the client to get jobs and finish
her court-mandated classes, parenting,
domestic violence, and anger management
classes. The client was successfully hired,
and now she is full-time employed.


Good Neighbors was a stepping stone that helped me escape from my
domestic violence partner and restart my life. I am grateful to all of the
staff that help me find permanent housing. They had provided me with
the resources I needed to achieve my goal and gave me words of
encouragement. They opened up their doors and their services to me
with open arms. The staff is extremely nice and will guide you on
anything that you need to accomplish. I was provided with room and
board, plus, breakfast and dinner was delivered everyday to the
facility. When I had first called Good Neighbors, they were really
concerned about my safety, and asked me if I was able to break free
from my partner. They had sent a car to pick me up and bring me
directly to the house. I am very happy with my apartment and their
services. I now have the time to work on my masters degree and
achieve my long term goals I set forth for myself. Good Neighbors is a
place that really cares for individuals in need and is filled with joy when
one of their clients succeeds. I end with these words to remember..

"Thank you Good Neighbors, thank you for everything"


I pretty much appreciate Good Neighbors for giving me a chance to
make a change in my life. With Dominque as my Case Manager and the
other staff checking in with me on a regular basis I felt as if I belong
here. I found my inner peace, progressed in my domestic violence
classes, started working and my savings. Good Neighbors gave me
structure to use during my day to day life. I learned how to be
organized and prompt. They accept women with situations, help them
strive to do better and guide them with encouragement. They taught
me respect and I am thankful for that, which allows me to be the
person who I am today.


Please join us as we work to help women
and women with children to live
self-sufficient lives with confidence.