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Deadly Water,, Children Living by Lakes.

Parasite infections on the shore of Lake Victoria and Tanzania Kome Island The water from the lake you drink to survive becomes poison. It��s threatening the lives of children.

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"My son and daughter-in-law died because of parasites, and now I'm afraid my grandchildren will go wrong."

The lake took away families, and it is full of dangerous parasites. They know its water that you shouldn��t drink. If it's not this lake water, you can't soothe your thirst, and you can't satisfy your hunger. The people of Kome Island have to drink this water to survive today.

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��I vomit blood, and I can��t even walk because it��s too painful.��

A schistosomiasis infection that can be life-threatening just by touching the body with water contaminated by parasites. It penetrates the skin and enters the body, lays hundreds of eggs in the blood vessels, destroys the human liver and organs, leading to death. In this place when the unknown disease comes, there is no choice but to endure abdominal pain and shortness of breath.

"If it was a visible bug, I'd catch it...The water on Kome Island is dangerous."

Kome Islanders at the crossroads of life and death. Unprotected from the threat of parasites. There is a vicious cycle in which the excrement of people infected with parasites contaminates rice fields, and contaminated rice fields infect other people. People on Kome Island cannot avoid parasites or leave the lake where they live.

��The patients are suffering from liver damage. Just drinking contaminated water or physical contact can lead to infection.�� - Kome Island Clinic Doctor

One of the six major tropical diseases set by the World Health Organization,'Schizotomy', penetrates the body through the skin and mainly damages organs such as the liver and bladder. 200 million infected worldwide, 200,000 deaths per year. 70% of Tanzania Kome Island residents are infected with schistosomiasis.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , Good Neighbors Tanzania

The tragic reality that children whose parents are taken away by parasites are again threatened by parasites. Just by single pill the tragedy of Kome Island will not be repeated.

Protect children��s lives from the waters of death.

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The donation you sent will be used for health support projects to prevent and treat diseases of children and local residents in 199 workplaces in 37 countries abroad including Tanzania. / Providing Essential Medicines Disease Treatment and Surgery Support / Regular Health Check-ups and Vaccinations Against Major Diseases / Basic Health Hygiene Education and Awareness Improvement Activities / Improvement of Nutritional Status through Meal Service and Food Support

��I hope this water doesn��t hurt my stomach.��

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