Good Neighbors exists to create a world free of hunger.


Good Neighbors exists to create a world free of hunger.
Good Neighbors respects the rights of those suffering from poverty, disaster and oppression, and helps them to live self-sustaining lives with hope.

Core Values

  • We respond to all calls for aid, regardless of ethnicity, religion, doctrine, or region.
  • We support the development of the individual, family, and community, in order to encourage independence.
  • We prioritize children’s rights above all.
  • We create a healthy, self-sustaining, and respectful culture.
  • We encourage local neighbors to participate on our community projects.
  • We collaborate with those who share our visions.
  • We work with professionalism, with transparency in our financial and operational reports.
  • We strive to induce more people to join our work as members.

Good Neighbors 3 Initiatives

Good Neighbors 3 Initiatives are centered around : Children’s rights, Networks, and Advocacy. Good Neighbors runs professional and well developed projects.


CRC -Protecting Children’s Rights
With the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as our core principle and steadfast awareness of human dignity as our background, Good Neighbors supports the stringent protection of Children’s Rights.
Good Neighbors encourages local communities to participate in our projects to instill self-sustaining community and to establish local partners and governance for new on-going networks.
Good Neighbors runs campaigns, public activities, and seminars to raise awareness on the importance of our work to the government and to the public.

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy is a part of Good Neighbors’ philosophy, and it was instituted in order to protect children’s rights and encourage participation from children to build sustainable futures.

The purpose of Good Neighbors’ Child Protection Policy is to protect the child from all forms of dangers and threats. We proceed our work upon the Child Protection Policy to ensure children’s healthy development and progress.
Key Principles

Good Neighbors Child Protection Policy recognizes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Good Neighbors Mission, and children’s rights as its principles.

  1. First, the interests of children are prioritized above all.
  2. Second, children are not discriminated against in any way.
  3. Third, children are ensured direct participation.
Code of Conduct

1. Employees and Associates must :

  • Respect children’s character.
  • Respect children’s opinions and views.
  • Recognize children’s individualities.
  • Strive to ensure that children are not exposed to dangerous situations or environments.
  • Strive to ensure that children are not involved in, or associated with, illegal activities.
  • Strive to help children break free from child labor.

2. Employees or Associates shall not :

  • Show preference towards, or discriminate against a child.
  • Become involved in or ignore child abuse.
  • Humiliate the child the child.
  • Use inappropriate or abusive language to a child.
  • Engage in physical abuse against the child, in any instance.
  • Have sexual relations with a child.
  • Commit any acts that may sexually provoke a child.
  • Create any implications of inappropriate acts or relations with a child.


Good Neighbors USA

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