Domestic Violence Women’s Shelter

Domestic violence is a problem everywhere in the United States. Surveys suggest that approximately 80% of domestic violence victims are female and there is some evidence to show that there are more domestic violence victims per capita in California than the national average. That evidence does not necessarily suggest that women in California are at greater risk of becoming domestic violence victims than women who live elsewhere, but it does point to the need for California to make a greater commitment to helping victims and to teaching abusers how to manage their anger.

In Los Angeles (LA), Good Neighbors USA is embarking on a massive effort of a 50-bed transitional housing facility for victims of domestic violence and their children, because currently, this lack of housing is a monumental problem. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) estimates that in 2016, 46,874 individuals were homeless in LA County. Futhermore, 18% of that population - 7,868 individuals - had a history of being physically or sexually abused, including domestic of intimate partner violence, and/or stalking.

To further compound the problem, homeless women in the LA area face staggering levels of violence, in shelters and homeless housing, as well as on the streets. Nearly 50% of Skid Row (one of the largest homeless encampments in the U.S.) women had been attacked in the previous 12 months, and more than a quarter of them were sexually assaulted. Specialized housing for victims of domestic violence is especially deficient in LA County.

Domestic Violence Women’s Shelter

How Will Our Shelter Help?

Most shelters are designed for men. Women and children have fewer places to go in search of safety and lodging. The Good Neighbors shelter will provide a safe haven, certified counselor- case workers, day care for young children, nutritious food and a path forward to a better life!

Additional details of what our program provides include:

Temporary housing for women and children (ages 0-12) for up to one year in a confidential location.

A 24-hour hot line 365 days a year.

Case management helping clients find permanent housing, assistance with school or vocational training placement, child care, enrolling children in school, budgeting opening bank accounts, nutrition, and parenting.

Opportunities to work with social services regarding problems or concerns of children who are victims of domestic violence.

Assistance with transportation.

Contact Infomation

  • Shelter Director

    Dr.George Bell

  • Domestic Violence Center 24-Hour Hotline

    (424) 785-7953


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