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G.I.F.T Chickens

59.3% of Guatemala's population live in poverty, and 23.4% live in extreme poverty, it means they make less than $1.25 a day. Because majority of the population living in rural villages are engaged in unpaid agricultural works, they cannot support their families.

  • The Problem
  • The Problem

    According to the Planning Secretariat of the Presidency (SEGPLAN, 2015) 46.5% of children between age 2 to 5 are suffering from chronic malnutrition, which results from deficiencies in all nutrients. Also, most of the children, rather than receiving proper education, have to stay home and work to support their families. They do not have opportunities to grow out of poverty.

  • The Solution
  • The Solution

    Good Neighbors USA believes that G.I.F.T Chickens is the solution to these problems. We believe the key to eliminate poverty is self-sufficiency. G.I.F.T Chickens allows families to generate steady income by selling the eggs in the market. G.I.F.T Chickens gives these families an opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty. But most importantly, it allows families to send their children to school. Eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein, which is essential to all but especially to children. G.I.F.T Chickens provides not only a good source but also a steady source of high quality protein to families suffering from hunger.

    After extensive research on our beneficiary families and with agreement to enroll their children in school, G.I.F.T Chickens will provide them with one chicken house, 30 chickens, and 6 months worth of chicken feed and water. Good Neighbors Guatemala staff will vaccinate the chickens and also provide trainings for the families on raising the chickens and selling the eggs. Each family will be closely monitored by Good Neighbors Guatemala staff regularly.


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