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Save Mother and Baby in Africa

Save Mother and Baby in Africa


The African mothers are more afraid of suffering from losing their babies than giving childbirth.

Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable diseases related to pregnancy and childbirth.
99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries

Every One Minute, Six Infants Die
The infant mortality ratio in developing countries is 8,500 babies per 24 hours, and 3,000,000 babies per one year.

-Source: WHO. [Maternal/Neonatal mortality]

96% of maternal deaths are preventable.

Our Strategy to Help

The 90% of deaths during childbirth are preventable if only essential medical services are available.

With your donations, we plan to deliver what's most necessary for pregnant women and newborns. We provide health care solutions like prenatal care during pregnancy, the skilled specialist during childbirth, and nurturing post-birth care to all pregnant women in our program.

The reality is that these African mothers are in extreme poverty. They need essential medical services such as prenatal and postnatal care, safe birth environment, and a skilled assistant childbirth specialist.

Good Neighbors' Mother and Baby Campaign is a compelling way to save mothers and babies from preventable deaths, and poverty. Your support will restore the joy and hope in numerous African mothers.

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