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Earthquake in Haiti Good Neighbors' Response


Established on the founding spirit of autonomy and respect, Good Neighbors works toward a vision of creating a world without hunger, where people live together in harmony, by sending humanitarian aid through international fundraising countries in Canada, Australia, UK, Taiwan, Mexico, Chile, and the USA and 40 field countries around the world, centered on the various projects to advocate for the rights of a child.

Since its foundation, Good Neighbors has not failed to aid countries in need of emergency relief, notably but not limited to Rwanda, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Nepal. Good Neighbors established 122 projects in 40 field countries with the support of our partners and donors, and we continue to show transparency, professionalism, and effectiveness of our work.

On August 14, 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake killed at least 2,000 people, and injured more than ten thousand, leaving Haitians displaced from their homes amidst economic and political instability. Good Neighbors has created an emergency relief response plan and dispatched a team in Haiti as a global control tower to assess the affected areas and report its needs. Good Neighbors is working with local and global partnerships to coordinate and fundraise $30,000 USD to provide clean water, food, medical supplies, and shelter to those affected by the disaster.

Furthermore, Good Neighbors is working to provide drinking water and purification facilities for 1,500 households and 7,500 victims in Camp Perrin, which is 20 km north of El Cayes, and Aquin, 55 km east. We are planning to distribute personal hygiene items (soap, towel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, mask, etc.), shelter support (chimney, blanket, battery, lamp), food support (cooking oil, rice, spaghetti, protein, etc.) as emergency supplies.
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