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War in Ukraine Good Neighbors' Response


Established on the founding spirit of autonomy and respect, Good Neighbors works toward a vision of creating a world without hunger, where people live together in harmony, by sending humanitarian aid through international fundraising countries in Canada, Australia, UK, Taiwan, Mexico, Chile, and the USA and 40 field countries around the world, centered on the various projects to advocate for the rights of a child.Since its foundation, Good Neighbors has not failed to aid countries in need of emergency relief, notably but not limited to Rwanda, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Nepal. Good Neighbors established 122 projects in 40 field countries with the support of our partners and donors, and we continue to show transparency, professionalism, and effectiveness of our work.

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched extensive attack on Ukraine. Major attacks have been reported across Ukraine. According to the OCHA, it is shown that 376 civilian casualities have been confirmed, including 94 deaths and 368,000 people have been already crossed into neighboring countries. Good Neighbors GPC has comprehensively monitored the progress of the situation, influx of refugees, and response of global humantarian societies for developing Good Neighbors emergency plan. Initial response will be targeting the most vulnerable including children and women. Good Neighbors is profoundly concerned about growing humanitarian needs. People in Ukraine and crossing borders are funning short of water, food, fuel, medicines, clothes, personal items, basic services, and shelter options.


Your support can help change lives. Please give today.


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