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Send your Water Keepers now to save more water!

Drinking fountains and hand pumps are built so children can practice good hygiene and drink clean water.
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These water facilities have been used for a long time and have been outdated or neglected due to malfunction. Children have no choice but to travel far to retrieve clean water or drink contaminated water nearby.
물을 기르고 있는 아동의 이미지
Good Neighbors is on a mission to find the abandoned
and neglected water facilities with the help of our own community members.
  • First, we locate the water facilities. img

    First, we locate the water facilities.

  • Then, we evaluate the needs of each facilities. img

    Then, we evaluate the needs of each facilities.

Based on the community members' data,
we replace, clean and manage the facilities to keep and protect our water.
  • replace

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  • clean

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  • manage

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"Water Keeper Project"

출처 : Good Neighbors 2021 mWater project in Nyamagabe, Rwanda.

The Good Water Project: “Water Keeper” has made it possible to find clean and safe water without having to search for water any more, but there are still many places that need a helping hand.
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If we don't give up, we can keep more places!Be a Water Keeper today!

Venmo: @goodneighbors

With that goal in mind, we have partnered up with
Good Neighbors Coffee!

Good Neighbors Coffee is a specialty coffee company based on a neighborhood
street in Orange County, Southern California with a big mission:
to provide essential water for people in Africa.

All proceeds from this campaign will go towards Good Neighbors,
the nonprofit umbrella that works to provide necessities, like
clean water systems through the Good Water Project: Water keeper.

We appreciate all the support to express our gratitude,
we want to give back to our donors.

Recurring Donation:

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    Two Magnets

    $25 : Tier 1 Donation

    1) Sticker

    2) Magnet

    3) 1 Water Keeper
    Coffee Bean (20 oz)

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    $50 : Tier 2 Donation

    1) Sticker

    2) Magnet

    3) 6 month coffee bean
    subscription ($120 worth)

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    Tote Bag

    $100 : Tier 3 Donation

    1) Sticker

    2) Magnet

    3) Tote Bag

    4) 1 year coffee bean
    subscription ($240 worth)

*All One Time Donation starting with $10 will receive stickers.

*We ask for at least 1 year commitment for Recurring Donation. Once canceled, coffee subscription
will be canceled as well.

2022 goodwater project

Join us in the Good Water Project: “Water Keeper” now.

Good Neighbors is applying the data-based drinking water development project to more countries to
improve existing drinking water facilities. We support safe use for a long time, and through the Good Water Project,
we will create safe drinking water and sanitary environment at 212 business sites in 38 countries,
install drinking water sanitation facilities, and protect children from infectious diseases.



Good Neighbors USA

131 North Tustin Ave, #204,Tustin, CA 92780 Tel. 877-499-9898