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Here are the Projects that Good Neighbors
is running to bring good changes to the world.

Our Project is Simple

Build water wells in areas of developing countries where local people are deprived of clean water.
One well serves a village of 4,000 for up to 21 years!

  • Water Transforms Education

    Water Transforms Education

    Children often walk miles each day to collect water, and attending school becomes a low priority. Our wells are strategically built near schools so families are encouraged to settle nearby and send their children to class.

  • Water Transforms Health

    Water Transforms Health

    Families regularly drink filthy water from muddy puddles or nearby rivers - often the same used for washing dishes or sanitation - leading to cholera, malaria, and other debilitating diseases. Clean water dramatically improves the health of families.

  • Water Transforms Education

    Water Transforms Safety

    Women and children often collect water by themselves miles from home, leaving them vulnerable to assaults. A new well in the village provides easy access to water and allows families to stay within their community.

Our Process

We follow a series of steps to go from concept to implementation: when we've identified an area to build in, we first send out a research team to gather facts about the adult population the population of children, the current diseases affecting the community, the distance of reliable water from the village, and the people's ability to operate a well independently. After this data is collected and the need is established, we set up an education program/well committee for the villagers to teach them how to maintain the well when we have completed construction. Then, the Good Neighbors team meets with the water department to notify the government of our plans to build a well, and pays for a government official to come inspect the quality of the pump and once again identify a need for a water well in the region.

How We Build the Wells

Once we receive approval, we begin the building process. Volunteers from the village are gathered to help with the process, especially the first phase of ground-breaking, which requires going out to collect water to soften the earth for digging. Good Neighbors provides the digging tools, hires approximately three engineers, and supplies a generator for the project. It takes one day to dig the well and three days to complete construction. In the months following the building of the well, a Good Neighbors employee is designated as a “monitor” and follows up on the success of the well and the progress the village is making with its new access to water.

Our Proof

Every completed well is documented on Google maps using GPS coordinates so you can see exactly where it is located, and each well is given a certificate listing the names of the donors who have made the project possible. After you’ve donated, you can also log into your profile at anytime to see a summary and photos of the finished well.

Your Donation Matters

With the help of a variety of donors, we constructed 100 wells in 2010 in various regions in the country of Chad, immensely improving the lives of thousands of people. The success of the Water For Life project has prompted us to start the same project in Malawi and the Dominican Republic, however we can’t do that without your donations. Please consider supporting us today—every donation, no matter the amount, makes a difference.


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